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Vancouver Neighbourhoods: Kitsilano

In the 1960s, Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood belonged to the flower children who rented rooms in ramshackle old houses and hung out with their guitars at the nearby beaches. Then they grew up, got jobs and took out mortgages and renovation loans on those old houses–now among the most expensive in […]

Shopping in Vancouver

Where to shop in Vancouver? Depends on what kind of retail therapy you’re wanting. Here’s where to point your compass when you’re looking for: Tourist kitsch: When you simply must find that perfect fridge magnet, keychain or shot glass, head for the tchotchke shops along Water Street in Gastown, or Robson […]

Rain, Real Estate & Other Things to Know About Vancouver

If Canadian cities were high school personalities, Vancouver would be the aloof-but-slightly-insecure beauty queen that all the guys want to date and all the other girls want to hate. She’s so damn gorgeous she can see who she wants and wear whatever she wants without apology, but she secretly suspects […]

Vancouver in Spring

Spring is a glorious time of year all across Canada, but Vancouver definitely has the advantage with a season that starts as early as February. The city’s coastal climate is always gentle compared to the Rest of Canada; in spring, things just get a little warmer and wetter. Be prepared […]

Top 10 Vancouver Viewpoints

Vancouver knows she’s pretty and she’s only too happy to pose for pictures. Here are some of the best places to view this photogenic city: Downtown: Vancouver Convention Centre: You’ll find great views of Stanley Park, the Lion’s Gate Bridge and the North Shore mountains from the “top deck” of this […]

Dining and Drinking in Vancouver

Visiting Vancouver? Don’t forget to pack your appetite. With an abundance of talented chefs, international cuisines and top-quality locally sourced ingredients, this scenic West Coast city is something of a foodie heaven. You could eat badly here, I guess–but you’d really have to try. Whether you’re looking for budget nosh […]

Vancouver’s Best Parks and Gardens

What colour do you get when you combine Vancouver’s stated goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable city by 2020 with a mild and damp coastal climate? Green, of course. Even first-time visitors to Vancouver have heard of Stanley Park, Canada’s crown jewel of urban oases: one thousand acres of lush evergreen […]

3 Days in Vancouver: Itinerary Ideas

Bounded by water on one side and mountains on the other, Vancouver is a relatively compact city–a boon for time-strapped travelers wanting to cover a lot of ground quickly. When you only have a few days to explore this scenic city on Canada’s far left coast, you can be sure […]

Best Bet: Tickets Tonight for Culture Deals in Vancouver

Culture vultures will want to make note of this URL: www.ticketstonight.ca, where you can sign up to receive daily alerts about half-price tickets to a range of entertainment events in Vancouver, BC. Located on the plaza level in the Tourism Vancouver Visitor Centre at the north end of Burrard Street […]