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WhyGo Canada aims to become one of the most comprehensive and trusted travel guides out there–but we recognize it’s early days and there’s still a lot of meat to add to our bare bones.

Help us grow. If you think we’re missing something–anything–that shouldn’t be overlooked, let’s hear from you.

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Here at WhyGo, we aim to be “accessible experts” which means if you’ve got a specific question about travel to Canada, we’ll do our best to direct you to answers. Just ask Julie.

Disclosure from Julie

As a long-time travel writer, my wanderings are sometimes sponsored by tourism boards and I occasionally work on a contract basis for various organizations within the tourism industry. However, what I write on this site is independent of my professional obligations and/or duties.  My opinions can’t be bought: if I write it here, I’m telling it to you fair and square and because I think it’s worth sharing. My goal is to guide with integrity and I will strive for transparency in my posts. If you have any concerns about what you read here, please let me know.