The city of Victoria is a picturesque and popular tourist destination, and one of its must-see buildings is the most famous hotel – The Empress – overlooking the bay. You can pay a fortune for high tea there alone, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly hotel it’s not likely […]

Cheap Hotels in Victoria

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is also Canada’s biggest city – and this cosmopolitan city is routinely named one of the country’s top destinations to visit as well. While forging ahead as a modern financial and business center for Canada, Toronto still manages to preserve its historic and picturesque spaces, […]

Cheap Hotels in Toronto

In the world of hotels, the word “budget” tends to describe properties that fall somewhere between bring-your-own-bedroll and don’t-forget-your-gold-card. Vancouver’s best budget hotels straddle the fine line between economy and elegance. Typically, they also straddle the line between desirable and, shall we say, transitional neighourhoods. Usually older buildings that have been […]

Top Budget Hotels in Vancouver