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Airfare to Canada

Search for cheap airfare to Canada and book a flight to Canada

When it comes to booking flights to Canada, cheap is a relative term.

Canada is a sprawling country–the second largest in the world, in fact. It takes about seven hours to fly from one coast to the other.

Unless you’ve got very deep pockets, you’re unlikely to see all of Canada in one pass. Better to focus on one region–the west coast, for example, or Atlantic Canada–and plan your travels around an airport hub in that area.

How to recognize a ‘good deal’ on airfare to Canada

You can drive yourself crazy trying to shave off a few dollars here and there in airfare, so here are my ballpark numbers for what you should reasonably expect to pay to fly to Canada.

(Keep in mind I’m assuming you’re planning in advance–at least a month ahead. It’ll cost you much more to travel on a whim.)

Plug your information into the search bar above and see what fares you come up with.

If you see rates like these on offer (this currency converter might help), grab them and get on with planning the rest of your trip:

  • Return from the UK/Europe: $1,100-$1,300 CDN
  • Return from Australia/New Zealand: $1,400-$1,600 CDN
  • Return from the US: $600-$700 CDN
  • Return from Mexico: $550-$650 CDN
  • Return from Asia: $1,200-$1,500 CDN
  • Return from South America: $1,200-$1,600 CDN

Five tips for finding a better fare

  1. Find out which airlines use Canadian airports as hubs: Sometimes airlines that have frequent flights to and from a certain airport will have more specials or deals on airfare to that city than airlines that just fly one or two flights per week. Air France, for example, has a hub in Montreal, Quebec, and Cathay Pacific (to and from Asia) has a hub in Vancouver, BC.
  2. Visit Canada during the off-seasons: It’s always best to travel when the rest of the world isn’t. Flights are more expensive to Canada in the summer and during Christmas, Canadian Thanksgiving (October) and spring break (March-April) school holidays.
  3. Look for charter flights to Canada: Search engines often don’t turn up vacation charter companies (such as Canadian Affair and Air Transat) which frequently offer rock-bottom fares–especially in the summer high season.
  4. Break your flights into segments: If you don’t live near an airport hub, consider breaking your travels into smaller segments. Look for a budget carrier in your own region that could fly you cheaply to the nearest hub airport. Then book your long-haul flight to Canada from there. Once you’re in Canada, look for deals on domestic carriers such as Air Canada, Porter and WestJet.
  5. Sign up for seat-sale notifications: Once you’ve figured out the hub city you want to plan your Canadian travels around, sign up with airlines that use that airport to receive notifications about seat sales. When you know the airline’s best price, use the search bar on this site to do some comparison shopping with the consolidators. Sometimes they’ll beat even a seat sale price, so it’s always worth it to double-check.

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