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Airfare to Ottawa

Find and book cheap flights to Ottawa, Ontario (YOW)

As the nation’s capital, Ottawa is a busy government town and that means you’ll find a range of non-stop flights from major (and even minor) Canadian airports.

Members of Parliament have to be able to get to work no matter where they’re coming from–which explains why most of the flights to Canada’s remote north route via Ottawa.

There are also several non-stop flights every day to major US hubs such as Dulles, Newark and Chicago.¬†However, it’s a little trickier if you’re trying to fly non-stop to Ottawa International Airport from further afield.

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From Europe, there is only one direct routing from London, England via Air Canada.

To find the lowest airfare, use the search tool below to score a cheap flight into Toronto or Montreal. There are plenty of international flights in and out of those major centres and Ottawa is just a short hop from either destination.

Then book a separate flight on to Ottawa with a domestic carrier such as WestJet, Air Canada or Porter.

Flights between Toronto and Ottawa depart almost hourly, but Pearson is a hugely busy airport and many Ottawa locals prefer to route via Montreal when they fly internationally.

KLM has a direct connection from Amsterdam to Montreal, which includes a bus from Trudeau airport to the Ottawa train station that leaves right after the flight (with enough time to get luggage).

There is a VIA Rail station right outside the Montreal airport with trains connecting to Ottawa several times a day; it’s not too expensive, and there’s a free AirConnect shuttle bus that swings by the terminal shortly before all the train departures.

Air France and SwissAir also offer a bus shuttle service between the Montreal airport and Ottawa.

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