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The sprawling expanse of Canada is full of natural beauty – rugged coastlines, dense rainforest, windswept beaches, jagged mountain ranges and rolling plains. And the best way to experience the outdoor attractions of the country is of course, to get out in the nature. So it shouldn’t surprise you that camping in Canada is a popular accommodation and activity for both tourists and locals.

Where to Camp in Canada

Campgrounds are plentiful in Canada and can range from basic sites to ones with all the amenities you can imagine.

Camping in the National Parks is restricted to limited areas designed for this purpose only and can accommodate both caravans and tents. They are typically open only during summer (May to October) and the fares are low. There are also campgrounds open year-round. In general, the facilities are basic (showers, toilets, laundry facilities, children playground).

If you want to reserve a camping spot in any of the Canadian National Parks run by the government, you can do it online here . Please note that there are fees to enter the national parks and also camping fees (which differ according to the national park you want to visit and camp in). Expect to pay from CAD $11 per night for a tent in a “primitive” campsite. Also, you need to pay for a camp day use permit (CAD $8.80) and a fire permit (CAD $8.80).

Private campsites are also available in the country. The facilities don’t differ much from the ones offered by the government. They can accommodate both caravans and tents and the fees differ according to the location and facilities. If you choose a location outside of national parks, it’s definitely a cheaper option than staying within a park. Expect to pay from CAD $20 per night for a tent (without other fees).

What’s Like Camping in Canada

Camping anywhere varies according to your style. It’s the same in Canada. If you stay in a caravan, it’s not much different than staying in a house or in a hostel. But tent camping is definitely a more rugged experience but also depends on the type of campsite you choose. In a “primitive” one, you’ll feel like the technology and home is light years away, but in a campsite with many facilities, it’s a resort-like feel.

Why Choose Camping in Canada

Camping is a great way to see the nature and stay closer to it. Compared to a hotel, you’ll also save some cash. Canada is not exactly a cheap destination, so choosing to camp will save some money, which can add up during a longer vacation.

What You Need to Camp in Canada

If you don’t plan to use a caravan (which comes with everything you need), you need a good tent, a versatile sleeping back (especially if you camp in the mountains make sure it is good for low temperatures) and a sleeping mat (for more comfort). If you want more, consider investing in a camp stove (especially if you don’t plan to build a fire). A cooking pot, a kettle, some mugs and utensils are also necessary. But this list depends on what type of a camper you are. But, don’t forget the flashlight in batteries for it!

>>a list of campsites (private and national parks) can be found here

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