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Hostels in Canada

Looking for a hostel in Canada?

You will find clean, safe, well-located hostels right across Canada–just not very many of them.

Hostelling is a relatively new concept in North America, and Canada has a long way to go before it comes close to matching Europe’s sophisticated hostelling network.

That said, Canadian hostels can be a budget-traveler’s best friend, with room rates ranging from approximately $25 to $65 CDN/night, depending on whether you’re looking for a single bed in a shared dorm or a private double or family room.

Rooms and amenities are no-frills, but there is almost always a shared kitchen available so you can prepare your own meals. (For many, sharing meals with fellow travellers is the best part of any hostel experience!)

You’ll find most hostels clustered in low-rent urban neighborhoods, and near major parks and historic sites. Some are better suited to couples and families than others; a little due diligence before you book is highly recommended.

When you’re looking for cheap accommodation in Canada, remember not to overlook budget hotels and, during summer term, university dorms; they’re sometimes easier to find than hostels. Use the booking tool above to narrow the search.

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