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Hotels in Canada

Find and book a hotel in Canada

Hotels are plentiful in Canada along the densely populated southern border. Even on short notice you’ll find room at the inn–though it might not be your first choice of inn! But accommodation options thin out as you head north into more rural territory; it’s always best to book your northern travels well in advance.
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  • Luxury: usually four- or five-star properties featuring every amenity including (but not limited to) golf courses, pools, fitness rooms, spas, business suites, and multiple lounges and on-site restaurants. Although rack rates will be steep, look for a “good deal” in the range of $150-$250 CDN per night (or less for smaller centres). Check out Canada’s Castle Hotels and Vancouver Hotels Near Stanley Park.
  • Moderate: usually three stars and featuring limited amenities that appeal especially to business travelers–ie, free in-suite wifi, free breakfast, free airport shuttles. A “good deal” here would be in the range of $120-$150 CDN (or less for smaller centres).
  • Budget: two-star hotels sometimes make up in character what they lack in services and amenities and should not be overlooked. Budget hotels are often independent meaning you can’t rely on a brand reputation to know what you’re getting. A “good deal” for a well-located budget hotel would be around $90-$120 CDN (or less for smaller centres). If you’re headed to Vancouver these are our picks for Top Budget Hotels in Vancouver.
  • Motor-hotels (aka motels): Especially in smaller communities, the drive-up motel is sometimes the only accommodation option. Expect a clean bed and free parking and occasionally a small swimming pool for the kids to cool off in–but not much else by way of amenities. These rooms often go for less than $100 CDN.
  • Apartment hotels (aka executive suites or extended stay): If you’re planning on staying for more than a few nights in one location, look for a suite with a kitchenette so you can make your own light meals. These apartment-like units are priced like mid-range hotel properties.

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Good to know:

  • Accommodation rates in Canada rise and fall with the seasons, but also with geographic location. A small basic room in a remote northern motel might cost as much as a deluxe suite in a major city–a classic case of supply-and-demand.
  • If you’re headed for a major Canadian city, the easiest way to cut your hotel costs is to stay outside the city centre. The same hotel room just a few miles down the road can cost half of its urban cousin. In Vancouver, for example, you could reduce your accommodation budget by at least a quarter by staying in one of the nearby suburbs of Richmond, Burnaby or North Vancouver.
  • Often locals will know the best hotel deal in their own city–ask your friends on the ground to recommend where they would stay.

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