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Best Bet: New York to Vancouver via Cathay Pacific

Q: What’s the quickest and most affordable way to fly between New York and Vancouver?

A: Cathay Pacific between JFK and YVR.

Here’s why:

Cathay Pacific is an Asian carrier, and YVR and JFK are major North American hubs. The planes from Hong Kong arrive in Vancouver first and then fly on to New York. Then they do the entire journey in reverse.

Rather than fly with empty seats on the cross-country domestic legs, Cathay offers terrific discounts between JFK and YVR.

I love these flights for several reasons:

  • they’re reliably cheap–usually around $500 CDN return
  • they’re non-stop flights–no awkward layovers or strange routings
  • the service on Cathay is outstanding, even at the back of the plane
  • they’re red-eyes in both directions so you arrive early in the morning at your destination and leave late at night, giving you almost an extra day on the ground–but without the expense of another night in a hotel
  • both YVR and JFK are domestic hubs, so it’s easy to connect with discount carriers to travel further within either country

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Photo: courtesy Cathay Pacific