The license plates in the French-speaking province of Quebec bear the motto Je me souviens–I remember. Not that you’d ever completely forget Canada’s warm embrace of course, but sometimes you need a little help kick-starting that trip down memory lane. So here’s our pick of gifts that scream Canada. Bonus: […]

Gifts for the Canada Fan

In the world of hotels, the word “budget” tends to describe properties that fall somewhere between bring-your-own-bedroll and don’t-forget-your-gold-card. Vancouver’s best budget hotels straddle the fine line between economy and elegance. Typically, they also straddle the line between desirable and, shall we say, transitional neighourhoods. Usually older buildings that have been […]

Top Budget Hotels in Vancouver

Accommodation in Vancouver, as in many major cities around the world, can be pricey. Luxury hotels like the Fairmont, Four Seasons, and Westin Grand charge upwards of $250 per night. But you don’t have to bust your budget on posh accommodations; there are plenty of mid-range and budget options to […]

Cheap Hotels in Vancouver