When you’re weighing your options for accommodations in Canada, don’t overlook the possibility of a house swap. A growing number of international visitors to Canada have discovered the joys of home exchange—the pennywise way to indulge a voracious travel bug. There’s no place like home–especially when you’re on the road. […]

Home Exchange in Canada: Top Tips

However you choose to travel between Vancouver and Whistler–by land, rail, or air–you’re in for a visual treat: the scenery is spectacular no matter how you make your approach. Whistler by car: $ Not so long ago, it took almost three hours to navigate the winding highway safely. But the […]

Getting to Whistler from Vancouver, BC

Culture vultures will want to make note of this URL: www.ticketstonight.ca, where you can sign up to receive daily alerts about half-price tickets to a range of entertainment events in Vancouver, BC. Located on the plaza level in the Tourism Vancouver Visitor Centre at the north end of Burrard Street […]

Best Bet: Tickets Tonight for Culture Deals in Vancouver

In the world of hotels, the word “budget” tends to describe properties that fall somewhere between bring-your-own-bedroll and don’t-forget-your-gold-card. Vancouver’s best budget hotels straddle the fine line between economy and elegance. Typically, they also straddle the line between desirable and, shall we say, transitional neighourhoods. Usually older buildings that have been […]

Top Budget Hotels in Vancouver

Gentlemen, start your dialing fingers: Vancouver’s favourite foodie festival is back and bigger than ever. DineOut Vancouver 2011–the ninth annual city-wide celebration of all things delicious–runs January 4 to February 6. Again this year, some 200+ restaurants are offering special prix-fixe menus from $18 to $38. It’s a terrific way to […]

Reserve now for DineOut Vancouver 2011

Vancouver’s Stanley Park–1,000 sprawling green acres in the heart of Canada’s third-largest city–is one of the world’s great urban oases, like Central Park in New York or the Tuileries in Paris. A national historic site, it’s named for Lord Frederick Stanley, Canada’s Governor General in 1888 when the park opened. […]

Things to Do in Vancouver: Stanley Park

You don’t need deep pockets to make the most out of a visit to Vancouver. Mother Nature, an exhibitionist at heart, struts her stuff for free on Canada’s wild West Coast. With sturdy walking shoes and the right all-weather jacket, you could spend days gawking at her spectacular scenery and […]

How to Enjoy Vancouver for Free (or Very Nearly)

Thanks to a vibrant ethnic mix, Vancouver’s dining scene offers a range of inexpensive and delicious options from around the world. Eating on a budget in Vancouver doesn’t have to mean subsisting on McDonald’s–not when there’s affordable poutine, Lebanese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Greek, Indian and Chinese around every corner. Here […]

Cheap Eats in Vancouver