The license plates in the French-speaking province of Quebec bear the motto Je me souviens–I remember. Not that you’d ever completely forget Canada’s warm embrace of course, but sometimes you need a little help kick-starting that trip down memory lane. So here’s our pick of gifts that scream Canada. Bonus: […]

Gifts for the Canada Fan

It’s often hard for visitors from smaller countries to grasp the enormity of Canada. Canada’s largest city, Toronto, is located near the middle of Canada; Vancouver, the third-largest city, is located more than 3,000 km away, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. No matter how you break it down, […]

Getting from Toronto to Vancouver

The romance of the rails doesn’t come cheap in Canada. But you’re sure to fall in love. A train trip across Canada seems to be part of the iconic Canadian “brand”–up there with moose, Mounties and maple syrup. It’s a bucket-list topper for locals and visitors alike. Trains are important […]

Canada by Train: Planning Tips