The license plates in the French-speaking province of Quebec bear the motto Je me souviens–I remember. Not that you’d ever completely forget Canada’s warm embrace of course, but sometimes you need a little help kick-starting that trip down memory lane. So here’s our pick of gifts that scream Canada. Bonus: […]

Gifts for the Canada Fan

As a kid I was never happier than when I found myself settled with a big box of Crayola crayons and fat stack of blank paper. All those colours, all that creative possibility—and guaranteed placement on the front of the family fridge. This was bliss. But somewhere along the line […]

Things to Do in Nova Scotia: Rughooking with Deanne Fitzpatrick

Somewhere between Glee and Broadway, you’ll find Vancouver’s Theatre Under the Stars. Generations of Vancouverites have passed a toe-tapping summer evening at Malkin Bowl, the outdoor stage located inside Stanley Park. Like Bard on the Beach, the Shakespeare festival at Kits Point, TUTS is a real rite of summer in […]

Things to Do in Vancouver: Theatre Under the Stars

Sometimes the journey can be as good–or even better–than the destination. Certainly that’s the case with Highway 99–aka the Sea-to-Sky–that connects Vancouver to Whistler, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Sure, you could make the two-hour drive north without a single stop along the way, but why would you want to? […]

Vancouver Day Trips: Highway 99, the Sea-to-Sky to Whistler

With ocean on three sides and a lacework pattern of lakes and rivers criss-crossing the country, Canada’s magnificent landscape is perhaps best viewed from the water at  “see” level. But you don’t need to invest a lot of time or money in a luxury cruise to enjoy the scenery–consider one […]

Top 5 Ferry Daytrips in Canada

In the 1960s, Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood belonged to the flower children who rented rooms in ramshackle old houses and hung out with their guitars at the nearby beaches. Then they grew up, got jobs and took out mortgages and renovation loans on those old houses–now among the most expensive in […]

Vancouver Neighbourhoods: Kitsilano