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What to eat in Canada: Famous Canadian Food

The Canadian food is very diverse. Each province has its unique dishes and many of them have been brought by immigrants. Not surprisingly, Canadians love their meat. And the fast food dishes are quite popular, too. And let’s not forget the French influence either.

Maple Syrup

It’s what we usually put on our pancakes but can be used to sweeten yogurt and cakes, too. The syrup is pretty inexpensive in Canada and makes for an excellent souvenir to bring back home (and also gift your friends and family).

The best way to taste the syrup is to visit a working sugar bush, where the sap is collected and the syrup is boiled. Thankfully, many such places welcome visitors and offer tours.


It is a French Canadian dish, claiming the name of national food. It is made with French fries, topped with brown sauce and curd cheese. It is fast food and it originated in Quebec. You can find Italian poutine (served with Bolognese sauce and sometimes Italian sausages) ,Greek poutine (served with feta , Mediterranean vinaigrette and gravy) and New Jersey poutine (served with mozzarella).


Seafood is excellent in Canada and salmon makes no exception.

Pâté Chinois

It’s a dish popular in Quebec, made from layers of ground beef, canned corn and mashed potatoes.

Montreal-style bagels

They are served with a thick layer of cream cheese. Kind of feels like you are in France eating a baguette.


Nowadays, about 10% of those living in Toronto claim Italian ancestry which explains why the pasta is good and popular here. Little Italy and Corso Italia are stocked with excellent places to try pasta dishes.

Corn on the cob

During summer you can find this treat anywhere in agricultural areas. You can buy them already boiled or buy them in bulk and boil them during the same day.

Dill pickle chips

The tangy dill pickle chips are very popular in Canada. That’s opposed to Europe where the grilled chicken flavor seems to be preferred.

Shawarma / Donair

The existence of shawarma in Canada is due to the Lebanese immigrants. The meat filled pita is a hearty meal, which will you keep you full for some hours. They are cheap and a must-try for the visitors of Ottawa where you’ll find the majority of restaurants serving this dish. The Halifax Donair is a similar dish. It’s very similar to the Greek gyros.

Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich

Smoked meat is not something you won’t find only in Canada but in Montreal it’s amazing and the best in the country.

Jerk Chicken

About 6% of those living in Toronto claim Caribbean ancestry which translates in excellent dishes. One of them is Jerk chicken. Roti can also be easily found and is amazing.

Beaver Tail

Relax, it’s not something belonging to an animal. It’s fried dough, coated with butter and usually sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar. Various other toppings can be found. Excellent treat for those cold Canadian days.

Butter Tart

it’s a very popular Canadian dessert, made with butter, sugar, syrup and egg. It is baked until the filling is semi-solid and is crispy on top.

Ice wine

Before being harvested, the grapes are left to freeze on the vine. Hence a very sweet wine with high acidity is produced.

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Photo credits: Maple Syrup , Poutine , Salmon , Montreal-style bagels , Pasta , Corn , Donair , Smoked meat sandwich , Beaver tail , Jerk chicken