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Why 2016 is THE Year to Visit Canada

The Canadian dollar has not had a great year. It’s continuing to fall further below the USD to the point that it’s currently at about a 40% exchange rate agains the USD. Predictions are that it will continue to fall through 2016. That’s terrible for Canadians, but it’s great news for travelers with stronger currencies. For this reason, Canada made the list of Top 10 Value Destinations for both USD and Euro Travelers this year. Australians should also take note, as Canada is just about on par with the AUD.

The prices in Canada have not risen to match the exchange rates, so that means that hotel rooms that are priced at $100 USD (the same as last year) now only translate to about $60 USD. This is a great time to go to Canada.

Here’s What to Do While You’re There:

Take a Vacation in Quebec: La Belle Province. Go in February to participate in the big winter carnival in Quebec City, it’s truly not to be missed!

Eastern Canada is full of Lesser Known Charms and Reasons to Visit. My favorites are PEI, Halifax, the Bay of Fundy and Digby (for the scallops!)

Check out the Best Kept Secrets of a Vancouverite. Vancouver is the most expensive city to live in in Canada and it’s chockfull of fantastic restaurants, museums and activities. Plus, it’s cozied up to the ocean and the Rocky Mountains, so there’s plenty of outdoor adventure to be had!

Ski or snowboard the Shrouded Cliffs of Sunshine in Banff, Alberta. Seriously guys, Canada has some of the BEST skiing in all of North America. You’ve gotta go.