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Why You Should Add Vancouver to Your RTW Itinerary

Have you ever considered taking an extended, RTW trip? Throwing caution to the wind, chucking it all, and heading out on the road to see and experience the world? More and more people are becoming fed up with waiting until retirement to travel for longer than their one or two weeks of vacation allows, so they are taking time in the middle of their careers to plan a round the world trip.

When planning a trip of this magnitude, one of the first things that travelers do is start thinking about the itinerary. Dream destinations fill notebooks and spreadsheets. You gawk at pictures and wonder what it would be like to visit. You think and wonder and plan and start adding more and more cities to the trip.

So where does Vancouver fit into all this? Would a traveler want to add Vancouver to a RTW trip? British Columbia’s largest city is one of the most popular destinations in Canada and would fit in nicely to any round the world itinerary. If buying a round the world plane ticket, you can either add Vancouver in or travel overland as part of a segment through the US Pacific Northwest.

If you do decide to add Vancouver to your trip list, you won’t be disappointed. The city and surrounding areas are absolutely stunning, and if you are an outdoors person, you’ll be in Heaven. The 2010 Olympics have quickly vaulted Vancouver into a very popular international travel destination, so don’t miss out!

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