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The Canadian dollar has not had a great year. It’s continuing to fall further below the USD to the point that it’s currently at about a 40% exchange rate agains the USD. Predictions are that it will continue to fall through 2016. That’s terrible for Canadians, but it’s great news for travelers with stronger currencies. For this reason, Canada made the list of Top 10 Value Destinations for both USD and Euro Travelers this year. Australians should also take note,

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5 of the Best Places to Ski in CanadaIf you enjoy skiing and are looking for the best ski holiday packages available for Canadian Ski Resorts, there are a number of great destinations just waiting for you. Canada is filled with amazing ski resorts and areas where you can getaway and enjoy your favorite sport. Here are just five of the best places to ski in Canada.

1. Banff, Lake Louise, Alberta

If you enjoy amazing scenery with fantastic skiing conditions, then you have to check out Banff, Lake Louise

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Things to do in Victoria

by Cristina on September 11, 2012

Things to do in VictoriaThanks to the warm weather, Victoria is a year-round destination. Outdoor activities, eco-tours, sightseeing, major attractions …are all part of the city’s charm.

Spend half a day at the Royal British Columbia Museum

The museum depicts the humble beginnings of live in British Columbia and focuses on the development of civilizations, people, economy and wildlife. Admission is CAD $21.60 for adults. Children (3-5) can visit for free. The museum is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5

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What to eat in Canada: Famous Canadian FoodThe Canadian food is very diverse. Each province has its unique dishes and many of them have been brought by immigrants. Not surprisingly, Canadians love their meat. And the fast food dishes are quite popular, too. And let’s not forget the French influence either.

Maple Syrup

It’s what we usually put on our pancakes but can be used to sweeten yogurt and cakes, too. The syrup is pretty inexpensive in Canada and makes for an excellent souvenir to bring back home

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Why You Should Add Vancouver to Your RTW ItineraryHave you ever considered taking an extended, RTW trip? Throwing caution to the wind, chucking it all, and heading out on the road to see and experience the world? More and more people are becoming fed up with waiting until retirement to travel for longer than their one or two weeks of vacation allows, so they are taking time in the middle of their careers to plan a round the world trip.

When planning a trip of this magnitude,

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Canada in August

by Cristina on December 8, 2011

Canada in AugustIf you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, then August is an excellent month to plan your visit in Canada. However, it’s right smack in the middle of the peak season , so expect high airfare and you must book the accommodation in advance. But, pack your sunscreen , walking shoes and enjoy the lovely nature.


The weather in Canada varies according to the region. That’s true for the summer, as well and of course, for August. The month is

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