First-Time Visitor’s Guide to Vancouver, BC

by Julie Ovenell-Carter on April 12, 2011

by Julie Ovenell-Carter | April 12th, 2011  

First time to Vancouver? Lucky you: you couldn’t have picked a nicer Canadian city.

This pretty West Coast metropolis consistently ranks as one of the world’s most liveable cities.¬†She (and moody Vancouver is definitely a she) goes by aliases–the ‘Couv; Vangroovy; Rain City; Lotusland. But you’ll always know her by her smell. Step off the plane at Vancouver International Airport and take a deep breath: clean moist air, tinged with sea salt.

Breathe deep

It’s a heady scent; prepare to fall in love. And since it may be a whirlwind courtship, here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your first date with Vancouver:

She’s easy to approach: There are lots of ways to get close to Vancouver.


She’s green: You don’t need a car to get to know her. In fact, she’ll respect you more if you take public transit or ride a bike.


She’s fit: Pack your sneakers: Vancouver likes to get sweaty.


She’s loyal to the ‘hood: Don’t expect to get to know all of Vancouver in one visit. Pick one area or attraction and explore slowly.


She likes to eat: High-end or dirt-cheap, Vancouver always serves up good food.


She doesn’t mind a little weather: Yes it might rain in Vancouver. Get over it.


She can be frugal. And still show you a good time.


She’s resourceful: Learn more about Vancouver on-line.


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